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Let's Learn From Those Who Failed!

Let’s Learn From Those Who Failed!

Student K (nickname) was a top student in her program. Nobody had ever imagined that she would fail the dental hygiene boards. Some students “FAIL” at the Dental Hygiene National Boards (NBDHE, NDHCE). Student P (nickname) failed the written boards...

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Overcome Exam Anxiety… How?

Even the brightest dental hygiene students failed at the board exams. That is scary, I know. The problem? Anxiety. You are about to take one of the biggest exams of your life. Even after spending all those semesters in dental hygiene school, you may...

My Diary - The Day of the Exam

My Diary – The Day of the Exam

If I look back at the day of the “big day” aka the dental hygiene national boards, I was surely nervous and did not feel super ready. Everybody has a different experience with the boards, but here is mine. Waking up: I woke up early. It was painful...

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