[Guest Post] This Dental Hygienist is Also a Make Up Artist
nashwa khaled, dental hygiene student, makeup artist, student life

[Guest Post] This Dental Hygienist is Also a Make Up Artist

Note from StudentRDH: Here’s a guest post and interview with Nashwa Khaled, a MAC Cosmetics Make Up Artist and a student who’s taking up Dental Hygiene. Let’s see how she juggles these two different worlds to become as fulfilled and as motivated as she is today.

nashwa khaled, dental hygiene student, makeup artist, student life

Growing up, there are always two things I was certain of, and that was my love for makeup and my love for the dental field. Entering dental hygiene school, I was only a makeup artist working at MAC Cosmetics, and the idea of being a dental hygiene student alongside that was so thrilling. Little did I know, pursuing both at the same time would be pretty close to impossible. However, time management was key.

nashwa khaled, dental hygiene student, makeup artist, student life

The first year was rough, I didn’t really spend my weekends studying because I would be either working at the counter or finding any opportunity to create a name for myself in the field of artistry. Where one area soared, the other would suffer.

I realized that in order to pursue BOTH careers with equal attention, I would have to keep my mind and outlook healthy. Some days, it was almost like I would have to give up being a makeup artist in order to do well in school. I never did, I kept going.

Now, I am three months away from graduating and passing my boards (determined), and I have been able to improve in every aspect of life: Balance, motive, and determination.

Tips for DH when it comes to makeup!

nashwa khaled, dental hygiene student, makeup artist, student life
Products: Liquid lipstick(long wearing) Lipliner Prolongwear Concealer (15-hour wear) Studio fix powder foundation (8 hours) Fix plus (refresh face, set makeup)

Here’s what my five-minute routine holds! (along with what is in my makeup bag)

  • MAC Prolonger concealer! (15-hour wear, great for any skin type and a little bit goes such a long way)
  • Studio Fix powder (great to dust on with a fluffy powder brush to even out your skin tone)
  • MAC Mineralize blush in Warm soul (perfect bronze blush to help give the perfect tone for an everyday look)
  • Since we constantly have a mask on and off, I use the MAC Prolongwear lip liner in a neutral tone with a matte lipstick
  • Other tips

Using the blush for cheeks and eyes is great! It’ll help limit the number of products used.
Make it a routine to use an eye cream day and night to prevent dark circles under eyes, and limit or reduce puffiness for early morning appointments!


StudentRDH: Do you plan on working in cosmetics after becoming an RDH?

Nashwa Khaled: I still plan on pursuing makeup artistry after hygiene because I feel like as a woman, we should always have multiple areas of talent and interest. We should pursue our dreams and know that only “one” career path is not the limit.

StudentRDH: What do you like about being a make-up artist?

NK: As a makeup artist, it’s always an honor when a client books you for such a big event in their life, such as a wedding, prom, quinceaneras, bridal photo shoots, etc. I love that I’m able to make a connection with my clients and meet so many new people through my platform. People always mention how I am able to make them feel beautiful or so confident, however, I always have to remind them that it’s their OWN features. It’s not that I perform magic, I just bring out those features and create the best version of them.

StudentRDH: Did you apply to DH school while working at MAC?

nashwa khaled, dental hygiene student, makeup artist, student life

NK: I started dental assisting in 2014, which was soon before I was hired with MAC. Prior to getting hired, I was just practicing on friends, family, because at that moment I didn’t know which direction my career path was going to head towards. Therefore, I decided to take on both.

I started as an orthodontic assistant and decided that if I’m going to step into the dental field, I might as well aim for what I’ve always wanted to do, which was become a hygienist. After much contemplation and back and forth on whether or not to apply for dental hygiene school, I went ahead and put my application in and went through the whole process. In June 2015, I was accepted into the dental hygiene program (happiest day of my life). I left assisting and worked at MAC, saving as much money as I could before I devoted myself to school completely.

StudentRDH: Would you advise others to keep a job while being in DH school?

nashwa khaled, dental hygiene student, makeup artist, student life

NK: Personally, I would not advise keeping a job while in DH school because you’re not able to give your 100% to this educational investment.

These two years were the toughest years of my life (still have 12 weeks to go), but being a makeup artist was never really a job for me, it was my escape. I looked forward to my makeup appointments, clients and then working at the counter with an awesome, supportive MAC team. There was never a moment where they forced me to put work first, it was always about making sure I exceeded in school.

These days, it’s hard to find an understanding company that appreciates you as an artist and is able to support your other endeavors. Not to mention what a great feeling it was to tell people that aside from being a makeup artist, I was a student dental hygienist. Their whole demeanor towards me would change in such a respectful way! In fact, being a makeup artist before a hygiene student helped me with my instrumentation skills!! That was pretty awesome.

I would always use my strokes and compare them to my eyeliner strokes or blend my eye shadow strokes. LOL. crazy, I know.

StudentRDH: Any study tips for current students?

NK:  BALANCE is everything. My Sunday night through Friday was merely for school and nothing else. I made sure that I was able to use my time wisely during the week so that the stress load would not be as heavy on the weekend? Did it work? No, lol I was still stressed. But that’s what DH school is about right? Stress, balance and the bigger picture.

A planner was definitely my life saver. So my study tips would basically keep a planner and prioritize. It’s fine to go have fun every now and then and get a breath of fresh air, but remember what the game plan is. SUCCESS!

nashwa khaled, dental hygiene student, makeup artist, student life
This picture is from SCADHA which is the dental hygiene convention for students. We took part in the futuristic themed fashion show and I did glitter makeup and my classmates created an outfit made from only dental products.

(Disclaimer: StudentRDH is NOT affiliated with the NBDHE, NDHCE, CSCE, CDCA, WREB.)

Written by
Claire Jeong, RDH, MS

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